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Our team has range. We have worked as businessmen and labor lawyers, public officials and community organizers, administrators and investment bankers, campaign managers and non-profit leaders. We combine a thorough understanding of the public sector with experience working on issues ranging from social services to real estate to health care. This broad spectrum of capabilities lends authority to our passion for helping clients who serve the public interest.

We offer fresh ideas, not cookie-cutter solutions. We work closely with all of our clients to tailor strategies that meet their needs. There is no single, silver-bullet approach to succeeding in the public arena. We go case by case, project by project, new idea by new idea. Winning demands no less.

We have relationships that are current and meaningful. No smoke and mirrors here: our network of contacts is second to none. We have worked for years, sometimes decades, to cultivate close relationships based on mutual respect, often volunteering our time to advise leaders in business, labor, advocacy, and government. Decision makers know us and trust us. In the end, that's best for our clients and the public.